Child Abuse Becoming A Daily Issue in Pakistan


We have witnessed dreadful child rape cases since Zainab and even before that. It is a well known fact that majority of rape cases never get reported or if reported, the criminals are not apprehended.

Recently, another case emerged where a boy who appeared between 16-18 was recorded by a doctor pre surgery. He was found to be HIV positive but the senior doctor was in denial because of the boy’s appearance; well trimmed, wearing classic shalwar qameez, topi on head but he simply did not care about his condition.

It was as if they boy was annoyed when the doctor asked his history as to how he got the disease to which he casually smiled and said that it was a norm in mosques. That he was (he used the word Fuc-ed by maulanas throughout his childhood and confessed that he was doing the same to children in local madrasas. He spoke like it meant nothing. The person narrating this posted it on instagram on the link below:

He was smiling when the doctor strongly abstained him from any sexual activity and to masturbate if he felt too much of an urge but the boy merely shrugged and wanted to go back.

I wonder what happened afterwards but this is the bitter reality. This is the true face of our display of virtue. This is just one story and a million more are shamelessly made daily. How do you think we can mend this situation?


Yeah I saw that post on Instagram. It’s awful!!! Action should be taken immediately by the government!!!

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