Childhood Plans (What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up)

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When I was young, I believed that I could be anything and do anything. It’s only when I grew older, I began to realize that our dreams of becoming a superhero, wizard or astronaut were never going to become a reality. Unfortunately, as an adult we have to more realistic about how we’re going to spend the rest of our lives.

** 1. Astronaut**

As Many children dream of venturing into space when they grow up. I also wants to be an astronaut👨‍🚀. I brought up with my own stories which tells me about the magic of space, I spend my science lessons learning about planets and stars, I used go on field trips to science museums where I can gaze through telescopes into the universe. I go to bed dreaming of exploring space, walking on the moon, living in a space station, using a jetpack and wearing a spacesuit – so is it really any wonder that this is one of their most desired future job roles.
** 2.Doctor**

Becoming a doctor or a nurse is a common childhood dream. I see doctors and nurses as superheros, performing miracles to save their loved ones from illness.:adult:‍⚕
** 3. Professional Athlete**

When someone ask me“What do you want to be when you grow up?” he will often hear the answer football player, rugby player, horse rider, tennis player, swimmer… The list goes on.:man_superhero: :grin::sweat_smile::innocent:
** 4.Pilot**

I my childhood the first thing came in my mind is becoming a pilot :man_pilot:
Working as a pilot is undoubtedly one of the coolest professions, where you can travel the world and live the life of a jetsetter.

However when I grew up , I realised that to become a pilot takes a lot of hard work and money. It requires years of testing and training, but if this is your ultimate childhood dream it’s worth the hard work!
My childhood was awesome, I did all the blunders :sweat_smile::laughing::grin: , enjoy the golden days of life without worrying about anything​:innocent:.



Childhood dreams :fire:

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