Chupke chupke blends romance and comedy to give us a welcome break from reality

Chupke Chupky is a 2021 Pakistani Romantic Comedy Television Series.I started watching this drama very late after seeing the craze of instagram and specially on everyone IGTV stories :heart:

The Story Revolves around 1 Dada Jaan who has 2 wives Bari dadi & chohti dadi living in a partitioned home Nawab Villa And Nawab House. After the death of Nawab His two wives Naik Bakht And Naik parwar despite living together they fight with each other And keep their grand children away from each other .

Despite being hateful with each other and having stressed relationships the Cousions Meenu ,FAAZI ,Mishi ,Waleed ,Mirchi and Haadi ) the grand children of both dadies are different and always end up with telling secrets with each other🥰

This drama was serving light purpose of giving instant laughter even through story touches same old graph but still funny and interesting .

1.Ayezakhan (Meenu)

Ayezakhan Meenu played role of selfish Mehwish cute university girl.
Shades of Meenu

  1. Osmaankhalid Butt (Faazi)
    Osman butt showing his arc as Faazi is simply magnificient :heart:
    shades of Faazi Ibrahim

    Faazi and Meenu On screen chemistry balanced and the comic timings is not failing to leave instant giggles .Apparantly Faazi is Meenu Teacher as well they share love hate relationship with each other .They are also fav cousions

  2. Gul apa
    Mira sethi (Gul apa) A negative role like no one other .She is only the annoying character .

Mishi And Hadi chemistry is also outstanding we loved their on screen chemistry

My favourite one is Bari Dadi and her dialogue Meeku jeevan dy

Overall the cast is beautiful and story is funny and quirky♡
Comment me your fav role ? and tell me why ? Come and share with me.


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Me ne yh drama to ni dekha just promos dekhy
Kuch that’s y no fav character …but ur content is amazing :+1: :heart:

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Meenu Acting is zabardast :grin:

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plz mujy thora guide krdein ge pic kesy upload krty hein

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**CBA ** is the best!

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Here is option in red circle


Literally Main drame nae dekhti :joy: warna zarror btati.
Content is good :100::+1:

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haha okay thank you Your appreciation means alot and congrats

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