Cloudburst in Islamabad causes heavy flooding, kills 2. Same headlines every monsoon season- what should be done?

A sudden, heavy spell of rain, also known as a ‘cloudburst’, befell Islamabad earlier today, resulting in heavy flooding and killing 2 individuals. Videos have been circulating all over social media all day, depicting the terrifying state of affairs in the capital due to the accumulation of water. It has obstructed traffic, stranded people in deep, fast-flowing floodwater and damaged property in various regions of the capital city.

The flooding situation in #Islamabad after the #cloudburst is terrifying.

— Wajahat Kazmi (@KazmiWajahat) July 28, 2021

Another highly terrifying scene displays a car and a hut being carried away by strong currents of the flood-water.

This looks absolutely horrible. I hope situation is better now in E-11 #E11 #cloudburst #Islamabad

— Zee (@zedeys) July 28, 2021

The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad has instructed citizens to refrain from unnecessary outdoor movement and be cooperative in order to remain safe. Spillways of Rawal Dam were opened, citizens were instructed to keep away from the banks of Soan and Korang rivers and an order was issues to prohibit bathing in rivers to deal with the crisis.

A mother and her child passed away after flood water entered into a home in E-11/2, in an absolutely saddening event.

The consequences of the event can be attributed to poor city planning and a lack of disaster management resources. Private housing schemes are rather lacking when it comes to city planning and have ineffective drainage which has a multitude of consequences which we witness in the monsoon season everywhere all across the country. Political and agricultural controversies surrounding dam construction have also hindered the process of effective management of the issue.

Lack of efficient management of the ongoing climate crisis is also a major factor resulting in climatic catastrophes every other year. We need to enforce measures to ensure sensible lifestyles and reduced environmentally hazardous emissions. Deforestation also needs to be regulated in order to restore environmental balance, counter global warming and prevent glaciers from melting.

City planning both by private and public sectors needs to be improved. We need effective drainage and sanitation systems in order to prevent both flooding and the consequences of flooding such as the spread of water-borne diseases.

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