Content competition judging criteria

We use the following criteria to determine the winners.

Interesting topic title & image

This is the most important criteria because we don’t even consider a topic for evaluation if its title and image are unable to spark an interest. Therefore, make sure that the title and image are able to capture the essence of the entire topic’s interestingness. In short, the title and image should be so interesting that it should be a scroll stopper for most of our users.

Originality & plagiarism free

It is very important to us that the content on our website is original and not plagiarized (copy-pasted) from some other website. If you copy-paste from some other website, not only you will not win the prize but also your account will be permanently deleted.

Easily digestible content

Your content must be small and snappy. Average user doesn’t have temperament to read long essays, so focus on quality instead of quantity. Use images and videos since humans process visuals a lot faster than textual content.

Provide references & credit

Any claim in the content must be backed by references especially if the topic is based on some news. This is important so that the users can get more details if they are interested and also so that the users can confirm the authenticity of the claim(s) made in the topic content. Also if the content uses work done by someone else, credit must be given to the original source.

Drives healthy discussion

FrontPage.PK is about have discussions and learning from others. We love topics that spark healthy discussion. Topics with fake discussion may be penalized.

Useful / interesting information

Topics should be informative and not contain uninteresting personal opinions that no one is interested in knowing because those opinions are common place. Share content that is enlightening for most users.

Content policy compliant

Topic content must be compliant with our content policy: FrontPage.PK Content Policy. In short, it should not contain any inappropriate content, nor should it contain plagiarized content or fake news.


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