Content competition Week 2 has started!

Dear FrontPagers,

We have reached the Week 1 cutoff time. This means that all new topics posted after this topic will go to Week 2’s competition. We would like to say a BIG thanks to everyone who created topics before the cutoff time and participated in Week 1’s competition. We will now be evaluating all the topics submitted for Week 1’s competition and announce the winners on Sunday, Insha’Allah!

The basis that we will use to decide winners would be a single point: Which participants created topics that contributed the most towards making FrontPage.PK an interesting website!

If we find it difficult to decide by ourselves, we might post a poll with shortlisted candidates before Sunday to get feedback from everyone to help us decide who gets 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes. So, watch out for it, we might post it anytime.

And in the end, best of luck to everyone who participated in Week 1 and all those who are now participating in Week 2 and in all the coming competitions!!!


Wishing the best of luck to everyone.


How to fight against Dowry??

Thanks I can do better