Content quality assurance checklist

Before publishing any new topic, the content creators are required to run the content through this checklist to confirm that it meets our quality standards. Some of the standards might not always apply so our goal should be to checkmark as many of them as possible.


  • Doesn’t have any English grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • The vocabulary is simple so that anyone can understand.
  • Is based on facts and is completely unbiased.
  • Is substantially different from any existing post on the website.
  • Doesn’t contain any offensive material.
  • Should be fact-based and not propagate fake news.
  • Must be original and not a copy-paste from elsewhere on the internet.
  • Doesn’t contain any copyrighted material without due credit.
    • Don’t use images from Google; instead use images from This is because images returned in Google search results are mostly copyrighted. Images on Unsplash are all copyright-free.
  • News-based topics must include references from other credible websites.


  • Is about something that the Pakistani youth or Pakistani ex-pats find interesting or care about.
  • Is going to potentially make the reader come back for more similar content.
  • Is about something trending in Pakistan.
  • Will potentially spark a discussion on the topic.
  • Is the kind of content that compels the reader to share with friends and family on other social media platforms.
  • Is informative and tells the readers something they didn’t know.


  • Should be 10-15 words long.
  • Captures completely the most interesting part of the topic.
  • Captures the context of the topic so that the user knows what to expect in detail.
  • Drives curiosity in the readers and makes them want to click for details.

Thumbnail Image

  • Is eye-catching and a scroll stopper.
  • Is very relevant to the topic.
  • Ideally contains some information not covered in the topic title.
  • Image should be horizontal in dimensions but the most important part of the content should be in the center.
  • Image should ideally have no text.


  • Content should be at least 300 words long.
  • Covers all aspects of the story and doesn’t leave the reader wondering.
  • Should be well researched and packed with information unknown to the most audience.
  • If details happen to be longer, they are easy to follow and have outlines, a summary, and have a very well-organized paragraphing structure.


  • Contains a video from YouTube on the topic, if possible.
  • YouTube video is embedded properly and the user doesn’t have to go to YouTube to watch it.


  • Is from a reputable website that has authority on the topic.
  • Contains extra details that our topic didn’t cover.
  • Is embedded properly to show a preview of the reference.