Controversial anal swab Covid testing returns, raising concerns in Winter Olympics participants


China and controversies in the 20s go hand in hand, you simply can’t name a more iconic duo of current times. Just two weeks shy of Beijing Winter Olympics commencing, The Land of Red Dragon has summoned a dragon from past that has induced nightmares into vigorous, super fit, supremely-built, excellently ripped athletes, let alone your easily vulnerable everyday man.

Anal swabbing; the dreaded coronavirus testing method, has made a triumphant return from its sabbatical, 27 unlucky (or lucky - depends on a lot of externally undisclosed factors) individuals went through procedure after a young woman in their apartmental establishment tested positive for corona’s deadly Omicron variant (someone is in grave danger and Covid is not the reason for it - Hint: 27 pissed off people looking for rev----).

Why is this despised virus detecting technique under discussion so controversial when it has higher effectiveness by the virtue of infection’s longer lingering than in conventional procedure? For obvious reasons (that we would leave to your imagination - also for obvious reasons).

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Even though the epicentre of aforementioned Omicron strain has been sealed post-testing, the ‘threat’ now looms over global marquee event as notorious method’s use is beginning to become widespread once again, scaring many (including those scarred by it formerly). Chinese Winter Olympics administrating body has bluntly said the safety of attendees & partakers will be their no. 1 priority, which would be compromised on at no cost. Regarding it, all we can say is, never has ever a firm wellness safeguarding assurance made stakeholders this nervous before, Beijing 2022 participants have our sincerest empathies.