Covid-19 (3rd wave) and Distance Learning

As we all know it’s a third wave of covid-19 and institutions worldwide and across Pakistan are again shifted to online mode for two weeks, according to ministry of education Pakistan. But we don’t know for how long it will stay online.

Whenever we talk about online classes there is a chaos between students. Some are satisfied with it or some are not.
School going students are a bit relaxed because they don’t have to wake up at 6 o’clock and get ready to catch their school buses. On the other hand, students of higher education are somehow curious about their theories ,practicals and vivas.
But here, I am talking particularly about university students because as covid cases rises universities are first to close.
As a university student, I feel so dumb during online classes.Most of the time I just open the link, mark the attendence and BOOM!!! back to sleep. Disturbance due to internet connection and electricity issues are still there. Also this boring routine of sitting in front of laptop screen for hours has made me lazy. No physical interaction with colleagues, no eye contact with the professors and no environmental exposure.Physical classes have their own charm! Don’t you think?

But on the other hand most of us enjoy distance learning because it saves our time. Saves us from the heavy traffic during the peak hours.And having a cup of tea, sitting on the cosy couch and taking online classes is quite relaxing somehow. Isn’t it?

During the past few months, student’s interest towards online classes has remarkably increased.

Everything has its own positive and negative attributes. But by using more better means and ways of equipment and facilities, we can make online mode a better permanent mode of education.


Here no one cares. I have witnessed people hugging while greeting like there’s no global pandemic at our throats at all.


For few courses online education can be beneficial but as a medical student i feel really worried about what kind of doctor I’ll be when I am not allowed to go to clinics for practical exposure. I hope medical universities can be opened.

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