Daily topic: What are your views on the Aurat March?

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Do you support the Aurat March?
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Aurat march is just a way to distract basic issues , what exactly a woman needs can never be achieved bt dancing on D-chowk


“March” has nothing to do with the rights.
I, being a woman, would prefer decent ways of action against violation of women right.


I’m of the view, that why we have confined ourselves to a single day, to celebrate the glory of women and to fight for their rights. If we really want to gain our rights, I think march is not the appropriate way. Because if we see our history, any march whether it’s for political objectives or social objectives, they had never been fruitful. Our elected representatives in the National Assembly, ministry for human rights and the government should formulate policies and implement them, to protect women rights. Moreover, awareness regarding women rights is very important and I think the best source for us to understand our rights is our Divine book Qur’an. Indeed.!


This march is for the awareness of the issues of the women but dancing at d-chock and singing and doing every inappropriate thing possible doesn’t leave respect for women :> I’m also a women but these stuff don’t suit us


The women’s March is actually about distracting the public from social and political issues which is completely wrong in which women are preferring to leave their homes but Allah almighty has commanded women to stay at home…


woman should be independent she should be given all of her rights
but not like dancing on the road, our religion doesn’t allow this.


If we just focus on what Islam has already told us about rights and responsibilities of both men and women, all this controversy will come to an end! But what we are doing just fighting with each other! We are not born to fight with each other we are born to fight with our problems together! To support each other! To uplift each other! Not to compare with each other! Yeah there ARE some differences between man and woman that’s why they are two separate genders they have their specific roles in the society so they should better be focusing on their own roles rather than trying to snatch each other’s roles!


The AURAT MARCH depicts that being free to go anywhere with anyone, no cooking, wearing any outfit of your desire, friendship with men, wearing no dupatta are the requirements for the women to be respected in society.
But everyone knows the fact that being in the protection of father, brother and listening to a little bit of thier rok tok is the reason I am proud of myself, cooking food and then listening to the “tareef” all day long made me want to cook even better for them helping me develop a skill. Wearing hijab helps me to cover my precious self making myself and family carefree about my appearance in the society… And MANY MANY MORE REASONS!
AURAT MARCH is just for thoes women whoes men are not dependable…


Before coming to Aurat march, i"ll quote a verse “Men have a degree (darja) over women.”

Basically,Aurat march is all about this. March activists i.e feminists always speak about their rights & equality. What kind of equality they need?
Islam teaches equality & justice among men while only justice among women and men. There’s a difference in both. Islam is the only religion which support women rights since last prophet Hazrat Muhammad’s era.
The newly born daughters burial into the ground; now they are living peacefully.

Now, come to Aurat march

  1. These feminists are paid to raise vulgar slogan just to distract young immature minds.
  2. They often want to remain a hot topic for discussion by making a march every year.
  3. They support vulgar things like homose’uality which is strongly prohibited in Islam.
  4. They consider men nothing more than a puppet.
  5. To make a space on social media, they wear vulgar clothes and raise slogans .

In my opinion! Women should be independent should be given all right but It doesn’t mean walking on road or speaking about their rights because Women is precious like diamond, rare to found not like stone found everywhere.Allahumdillah our religion has already explained everything for women. Be a Good, strong and respectful women❤️.


I completely agree with you

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In my opinion, people just start bashing after every year’s Aurat March which in itself is wrong.Some particular controversial banners and posters get viral every year and the debate starts to revolve around them. Everybody forgets about the real issues and start debating and fighting in defense and against of those posters. My point is there are many women who can’t stand for themselves and they can’t express their issues even through this March too so why not we invent and discover ways and means which are helpful to the oppressed instead of shouting in a march on a specific day each year and debating and fighting on posters and tags lines after the march?


These feminists which organise Surat march want a western culture in Pakistan. And if see the west, women objectification is too much their. Most importantly their play cards and controversial banners only spread hate for men. In my opinion it’s not for women, it’s against men only.