Daily topic: What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

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So most of the time I’m daydreaming about what my future life would be which led me to have had the weirdest dream where I’m so powerful and rich that I can get anything. I saw myself getting all the things I crave. In short, I was the happiest person. This made me think that yes money can buy happiness. Money makes you happy, you can do anything, you can buy anything, and you can do a lot more. Coming to reality, that was weird for me, beacuse it’s not happening anytime soon.


Last week, I just fell from my bed while ice skating in dream at Moscow, Russia.


I had a dream that there was an anaconda in the rooftop and it found its soulmate in my house😂


Once, I had a dream that I was shot by a zombie and what I remember is that I woke up screaming and holding my left arm.:joy:


Eating Maryam Nawaz’s dead body

Recently I saw in my dream that Maryam Nawaz of PMLN has died and the Supreme Court allowed every citizen of Pakistan to eat her dead body to punish her for her wrongdoings. Next I see myself eating her dead body. Then I remember calling my friend asking if he is going to eat her dead body to which he says something like: “maybe I will, but first I have to confirm that it won’t make me sick”. And then I wake up wondering what the hell did I just see.

Maybe I saw this dream because I hate Maryam Nawaz a lot.


Most of the people said that we usually dreamt which we thought all that day. Most of them were easy to interpret. But some of them were so wild that we even wondered that how our minds came up with such dreams. I also came up with such type of dreams. One day, I went to the bed too late just because of study work and slept immediately. I have a dream that I was a wrestler and was in ring of WWE to have fight. A lot of people were enjoying there. But I was stunned when I came to know that my opponent was Broke Lessner the giant. When he came in the ring, he started grazing me, having a wish of finishing me in his eyes. I just jumped out of the ring and started running here and there to avoid him. He started chasing me even match wasn’t started. And at once, he caught me and due to that fear I woke up. This is the weirdest dream I have ever seen.


The weirdest dream I had was also the most horrible one. I saw that I’m in a graveyard alone and someone is continuously calling me for help. And I was just running here and there and there was no way out of that graveyard. And between this I woke up with fear. This dream still haunts me.:persevere:


I am also a day dreamer. I hope all my day dreams come true so I am the happiest person of the world


The weirdest dream I ever had was I killed my parents with my own bad hands:(


There was a really weird dream that I had a few years ago, in which all I was doing, was running. I started running from my house, and I ran till the State Bank, and there I met my mother who was playing cricket with a few guys. When I saw that, I started running again. I kept running in the entire dream, and when I woke up, my legs were sore!


My dream was weirdest and funny too.A cooler Fan was standing in front of me and coming towards me. :grin: And when i woke up i was raising my hands towards fan . :slight_smile:


I remember when I was in 2 or 3 standard I had a really weird dream about painting clouds… yes I saw a dream where I was standing on a ladder or what and I was painting the clouds and it was weird because of the colors I have not witnessed in my whole life though it was totally different from the colors I know and I was enjoying doing so. And I remember waking up asking my mother about those colors and I couldn’t explain her and ended up getting scold by her because I was making fuss about it and she was getting confused obviously. Yeah so now I am 21 and still can’t find those colors.


There was a time of childhood, there was a treasure of dreams, there was a desire to get the moon, my heart was crazy, I was tired, I used to get tired, I had to go to school again, I had to go to play, a paper boat in the rain, every season was great. There was no reason to cry, no excuse to laugh, it was no longer the life of childhood

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A weird and depressing dream that I had was a year and a half ago. My father was starting to get ill due to a minor disease at that time. I had a dream during that time that we were in an unknown house and me and my father were crying about our sister’s death (she’s alive and well by the way). Suddenly the scenario changed and I was in yet another unknown place, this time alone, and I had a realization in my mind that I had lost my father. So take notice that this is the first time I had a dream where someone dies. Hence, a few months later, my father did pass away. So that was one of the weirdest dreams that I’ve had.

Hahahah that’s a crazy funny dream😂

I dont know why :thinking: but almost all of my dreams are weird :sweat_smile: But the real weirdest thing in all those horrible and terrifying dreams is that, whenever i am in trouble ,for instance falling from heights or ghosts etc… My voice disappear suddenly and i feel sort of paralyzed… I try to scream but my VOCAL CORDS go to SILENT MODE :joy: . And i think many people can relate with this…!! And funniest part was, when i was a child , once i thought i will scold all horrible things in my dreams to get rid of them and the same night when i saw same dream … I abused them and they all ran away…LOL :joy:


The weirdest dreams I have ever had are many. But right now i can think of a thing that is very weird about dreams.
Have u ever seen ur phone, in ur dreams?
It’s strange!
Most of us haven’t.
Why so? :no_mouth:
Though we spend larger part of the day on it.

Can u relate?


I have watched mobile phones and many other things in my dreams… It was my wish to get a new mobile phone those days … And in my dream i saw… That i got a chance to fullfill my wishes and i got every thing i wanted including phone and other things…!! :sweat_smile:

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Haha… Can be said A DREAM COME TRUE :joy:

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