Daily topic: What is your biggest dream or aspiration in life and what are you doing to achieve it?

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There was a time I wanted to be a dozen different things (as in profession) except a teacher. May be because we don’t have enough respect in today’s rapidly changing world, for a teacher.

I then came across a teacher who just changed my perspective. I started adoring her a lot. Her way of explaining topics and listening to students’ question and helping them understand the concepts so politely, moved me to another level. She was our zoology teacher in intermediate. Then I promised my self to become a teacher if not more attractive (professionally) at least equal to her.

What am I doing for it?

  1. The most difficult thing is to control my temper. A good teacher must not be a loose-tempered person.
  2. The habit i have recently adopted is to listen to others attentively.
  3. I try to dive into every topic to understand each n every bit better. I must know how to analyse a text.
  4. I keep on watching different programs which have TEACHERS as a topic of discussion to stay motivated towards my goal.

My biggest dream is to become so financially stable so that I will be able to help all the needy people around me! And I want to be such a positive person who spreads positiveness around her so when people meet me they feel relieved and calmed and my positiveness soothes them! But the thing is that I’m so far from both of my dreams but I’m working on them little by little. May Allah help me achieve my targets and help us all! :heart:

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I always wanted to serve the underprivillaged people. I am making myself availaible for them. Help them out in hard times.

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I want to do tons of things once I grow up…

  1. I want to be a tourist…I am so much crazy about this that I follow many tourists on youtube and I keep marking the places I want to be to :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. I want to do engineering in mechanics(mechanical engineering). It is really my passion as I love physics and chemistry :nerd_face:
  3. I want to spread positivity and love amongst people… :star_struck:
  4. I want to help the poor people
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aweosme website to discover new things interact with people in a very healthy way .

they are really appreciated . i hope you will achieve them as soon as possible

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To become financially sustainable at the age of25. I’m 20 now. In April, I’m gonna inagurate my venture, and inshallah will make it big in the upcoming years.

My biggest aim in life is to achieve a certain position in life which makes my parents proud and where iam stable and independent enough. INSHALLAH :heart:

My biggest dream is to please everyone. I want to be good enough so that everyone will be happy from me But i think it’s impossible because everyone has his own mindset and perception so how can i merge thousands of personalities in my single soul as everyone wanna see according to his her choice…So now i want to be Mehwish n wanna make my own reflection

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My biggest dream is to become a CSP- CSS Officer yeahh. I’m preparing for CSS exams to achieve my goal and make this dream come true. Remember me in your prayers :pray: