Daily topic: What is your relationship with your parents like?

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sometimes it’s the best… I share loads of stuff and they do the same… but other times it’s confusing. May be because am too rude to bother them or what… I don’t know honestly… but it’s fine as I know they care a lot and I really love them for it… feeling blessed


My relation with parents is quite traditional. Mother is the one whom I am very much attached to. I spend most of my day with her and literally, even by this age, find it hard to survive a day without her.
I love and respect my father the most. His every word is final for me and he is kind enough to keep our choices a priority.
So it’s a kind of “moon and sun” type relationship with my parents. My mother is (moon) quite soothing, soft and pliable where as father is (sun) providing us bit heat to flourish us. As we are not afraid in day time, similarly we r not frightened of any harm by others, if FATHER is by our side.


My relationship with my parents is like best friends.


My relation with my parents is not that much good as it should be like I can not easily share my feelings with them I’m afraid to be scholded. But yes I know they are the only one who will support me till end.


Well, there are two ways to answer this question but today I choose to be honest and as much as all of us convince ourselves that our relationship with our parents is absolutely perfect, it’s a lie. A lie all of us tell each other and ourselves. Yes, I love my parents to death and all but what’s the relationship I have with them. Is it normal or is it toxic and I have to just make myself believe that it’s perfect?. Well until a month ago I always blamed myself for blaming my parents for them not giving me time or listening to my problems to an extent where I felt hopeless and sometimes extreme depression would grip me. I pretty sure most of us felt that way but they always told me that they were there for me and so I thought yeah it’s me whose wrong but then again when the time came for me to share my problems with them. It would always end up with them being sarcastic or blatantly disrespectful of my condition or problems just because they are mature now but in all this drama they forget that they were once kids too and they wouldn’t have liked their parents laughing at their problems. So yes as much as I love my parents, they are sometimes not good enough for a kid. None of the brown parents especially are. Although I mean no disrespect but it needed to be put out there.


Your parents are the ones who love you unconditionally love you. My relation with my parents is very strong and beautiful :two_hearts:.


Parents are the first and the most important part of every human being’s life. They love us unconditionally. My relationship with my parents is good, I can say I’m very much expressive with my mother but when it comes to father, I’m not very expressive. Although I love them both but I’m more attached to my mother. They are my inspiration and I want to do so much for them just like they did. :blush: :heart:

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May be we need more of friends and people, who would understand and listen to us then the parents. Yeah because they have their logics, concerns and reasons that we may not get sometimes or we find them lame. May be it’s the time, we should start making our own decisions and stop relying on them.

My relationship with parent is very healthy . we all are stick together . Are relationship with parents is friendly and resputfull

My parents are my best friends. I can’t imagine my life without them. My parents give me support in every aspect of my life.


The relationship with my parents is good. We always have dinner together and discuss about the day we spend. Also, we have funny chats and the environment becomes quite pleasant.

If any one of us is really truthful then we should talk to our parents so that there is no solution to this problem and no one will be in trouble.


So that no one’s heart is broken by this relationship

The Parent-Child Relationship is one that nurtures the physical, emotional and social development of the child. It is a unique bond that every child and parent will can enjoy and nurture. This relationship lays the foundation for the child’s personality, life choices and overall behaviour.


My parents are my whole life. I can’t survive without them.(jbh) I’m nothing without them…:two_hearts:


You are really brave to write like this as our society and culture put parents on such a holy standard that it becomes quite difficult to even point out their mistakes. We should remember that they are also humans and can make mistakes. They can not be always right or true, and sometimes they even do the most hurtful things to their own children without even realizing it.


We have a generation and communication Gaaaap btw us and a lack of understanding lies btw me and my parents they see world from a different perspective while my eyes see a different aspect of the story …

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Glad to know someone else is also here who knows what’s right and what’s wrong. What’s toxic is toxic we can’t simply put a seal on it, no matter the relationship. Things need to be pointed out.

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The Relation Between parents and kids is something that is undefineable in words.All the desires and wishes of ours fulfilled by our parents .We live like princess in our homes but act like we dont happy if we got shout sometime .my Relation with my mom is not so perfect like every tv drama has because i am not believed in surpressing my feelings but the way matter is what i really cares for her .Sometimes she shouts on me because of her lots of work and i also hyper but later on i feel guilt ,after all she is my mom and no one can love me greater than my mom so every house has little bit problems no one is perfect and my mom is so sweet .may she lives long with me .Ameen