DC Khanewal Zaheer Abbas caught slapping and abusing the petrol pump attendant

A disturbing incident took place in Khanewal where a deputy commissioner of the Punjab city Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi filmed slapping and abusing a staff member of a petrol pump.


DC Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi was caught being rude and arrogant with that man. It all started as he along with his team was visiting the city on November 25 to reopen petrol pumps closed on the protest called by the All Pakistan Petroleum Association.

Furthermore, the situation got worst when the DC of police Shirazi was forcing the attendants to resume the services. After that, he is in a pretty pickle for his arrogant behaviour.

According to the Twitter handle of DC Khanewal, it is said that Shirazi called the manager of the petrol pump and regret being rude to him.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/en.dailypakistan.com.pk/27-Nov-2021/dc-khanewal-zaheer-abbas-filmed-slapping-petrol-pump-attendant%3fversion=amp

The duty of the police officers is to protect the people, they are kind of public servants. On the contrary, how can a police officer even DC can be so rude? Do they have the right to abuse and slap any common man? The government should take stern action against them if they do the same.

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