Differently-abled, 2 feet tall beauty influencer - Zahra Yaqoob motivating others despite illness

Zahra Yaqoob, a 23-year-old influencer from Lahore. Despite being in an unexpected way abled, gives influencing tips on Instagram as a powerhouse. This wonderful youngster’s clinical concerns don’t keep her from radiating brilliantly like a precious stone.

The bones in Yaqoob’s legs were broken when she came into this world. Her underlying long periods of life were loaded up with agony and languishing. Her mom was told by the specialists that her bones were frail and that she probably won’t live long. While Yaqoob developed intellectually as the years passed by, her actual advancement didn’t coordinate with her age.

She has a hereditary sickness that can’t be restored. With this sickness, called brittle bone, the bones of a patient’s body are excessively feeble to the point that they don’t grow and could break upon a slight pressing factor. Be that as it may, she had the option to adjust to existence with delicate bones. She can’t walk and depends on a wheelchair.

The 23-year-old, Zahra Yaqoob is currently an online media powerhouse with an after of more than 50k followers on Instagram. As per Yaqoob, each time she posts an image to Instagram it circulates the web, and a large number of individuals see it. Since she has this ‘reach’, she is considered an influencer via social media. Her fans are adoring how she directs her crowd bit by bit.

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All the more in this way, many styles and excellent brands send her their items so, she can survey them for her adherents. In a meeting with Independent Urdu, Yaqoob clarified that at first, her crowds were keen on her cosmetics pictures just as recordings.

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According to research, it is said that those having hereditary diseases have many positive and brilliant qualities. They are one of the few motivating people you have ever met. What’s your stance on it? Let us know in the comments section below.


More power to her!!!

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It’s true those born differently abled are far more motivating.

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