Discrimination Against Islam Continues in India

The world’s biggest democracy and the so-called secular country has banned the Islamic schools in the state of Assam. The move came from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after it found out that the Qur’an was being taught in these institutions.

This is yet another manifestation of religious discrimination committed in the name of quality. Since the ruling party came in power in 2014, it has targeted muslims in every possible manner and alienated them from the mainstream. From Ayodhya to Kashmir, BJP’s discriminatory policies against muslims speak volumes.

Formerly, in an act of sheer violation of United Nations Conventions, BJP stripped the special status of Kashmir. It also went in contrast to the country’s secular constitution by legislating Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) and banned all muslim emigrations.

Now as if it was not enough, it has now banned Islamic teachings in the schools of Assam. However, such violations of religious freedom do not catch the eye of international community. Recently, the U.S. Foreign Office enlisted the countries wherein the Religious Freedom Act is violated. Ironically, India was left out from that list.

Therefore, unless the international community doesn’t pressurize Indian administration to stop persecuting its minorities, the heinous designs of BJP will continue. This will endanger not only muslims but all the minorities of India.