Do you know about an ideal village in Pakistan where no one skips a prayer and no one even smokes?

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Many places in Pakistan are remarkable in their specific manner. Yet, do you know about an ideal village in Pakistan? Where no one skips a prayer and no one even smokes. Marriages take place in mosques and all graves are of the same size and height.

Indeed! We are talking about a place named Hussainpur, Chak No. 493. A village in the Punjab region where “Cigarettes cause cough” is written on walls in each niche and corner, and it is illegal to keep or sell them in any shop. At the point when the travelers requested the cigarettes they just rejected by saying, we don’t sell cigarettes because nobody needs them. There are no beggars in this town, all individuals are occupied with their work. No poor person reaches out to anybody. Individuals there keep the volume of the TV low so the Azaan (call to petition) can be heard. It isn’t permitted to stare at the TV in any house after Maghrib. Little ones regard the older folks.

What’s more, no manslaughter cases are enlisted. The rich and the poor are buried in a similar burial ground. Every one of the graves is of the same stature without segregation of rich and poor. Marriages are just and occur in Mosques with restricted assembling to stay away from trouble on young girl’s parents. With the goal that the poor can get their girls married.

Indeed! Such a place exists in Pakistan. And barely individuals know about it. People from far away regions come here to visit this entrancing land parcel. Allah has a definitive ability to change hearts. He has control overall. He can direct anybody. Glory to be Allah.

What are your views about this ideal place of Pakistan? Do you know any similar place? Let us know in the comment section below.


MashaAllah :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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MashaAllah this is great I love village life and I love living in village actually village life is so simple and beautiful

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