Do you know cats are cause to release the depression?

As my experience I came to know that cats release my depression. Whenever I depressed most,aggressive or sad I look to my cat, her innocent and cute face, put the smile on my face and I forget about my sadness and depression.
Basically, cats are too cute and innocent animal. When we get attached to cats we can’t live without our cats.)
In my case, I have very innocent, cute, loving and a coward cat. She eats and sleep with me. She talk to me in her voice like meow meowww whenever she gets hungry and wanna go outside to home. So I always take care of her needs.:heart_eyes:
You people can experience this thing to release the depression and anxiety as in this era every one is facing the depression and sadness.

Thank you guys for reading my post,:heart_eyes_cat:

Saba Mehmood


Reading your peice of writing I just realized that since I’ve got a cat my mental breakdowns have decreased like college can be extremely harsh when You’re an Alevel student so having mental breakdowns becomes part of the routine but its been 2 months since I’ve got my cat and i barely had any depression phase. Really enjoyed reading the peice thank you for the piece🙌

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true that, pets are the best version to bring relaxation by releasing depression.

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Yeah, sometimes animals are better and more concerned friends than humans.:green_heart:
They can help in decreasing stress, anxiety, pressure and depression etc.
Sometimes we share the things with these creatures and they understand us way better than a human does.

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Yes, exactly

That’s so true cats reallyy do help release depressionn

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