Doctor or Nothing?

Doctor or Nothing?

So, you are a young passionate student fresh out of higher secondary school and you just gave the exam of MDCAT. You kept biology as your subject with high hopes and dreams that one day you’ll be a doctor, have respect in society and earn a good pay. The result comes up and you have high hopes. You open it and have 90% aggregate, “Is this enough?” you ask yourself, you go to check the medical merit list and then it hits you. This year the lowest merit closed at 91.5455. “Not enough, I’ve failed, I’m a disappointment” you say to yourself.

You didn’t become a doctor, and now you have suicidal thoughts. Is this really the solution? It’s not the END OF THE WORLD that you didn’t become a doctor. You tried all you could and that’s all that matters. So, now you tried all you could and are at a point where you have no idea what to do. Well, doctor isn’t the only profession MDCAT or Biology has to offer. The mindset of typical Pakistani parents needs to be set aside, you need to consider all choices and make a GOOD decision, a decision that’ll get you what you always demanded.

What choices are you left with?

Here are a few I personally think that are pretty good:

  • Veterinary Doctor is a very good profession. One of the most underrated jobs in Pakistan, trend of keeping pets is increasing at a tremendous rate. A veterinary doctor gets paid at lowest 58,080 to highest 95,460 dollars per year (according to US Bureau of Labour Statistics) DVM has a merit of 75% to 88%. What more can you ask for…

  • D-Pharma is very disliked in Pakistan for some reason, one of the main reason for this is the severely low pay and the fact that most of the people who are left behind in the Doctorate race are a part of pharmacy field now. My personal opinion is to not do D-Pharmacy, it is currently one of the worst paying jobs in Pakistan even though the degree is very hard to achieve. Starting at 31,000 rupees per month to 72,000 rupees per month. Although if you want to go abroad, go ahead with this degree

  • Environmental Sciences are pretty good to go with, very easy to do as well. Average pay upto 52,000 per month which increases overtime to a maximum of 110,000 rupees per month . Many sectors are included in Environmental Biology but the highest paying sector is the medical field, mostly industrious work.

  • If you still wanna become a doctor then consider going abroad, many countries offer scholarship to foreign students. China, Azerbaijan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan are the countries to consider.



My conclusion here is that don’t be afraid to try out new paths. Innovation is the path to success. Keep the ideas and beliefs of typical Pakistani parents aside and think of yourself and your future alone.

I would love to receive feedback from you guys, and also how you think a person can combat the typical belief “DOCTOR OR NOTHING”
-Abdullah Sultan


I totally agree with you! Everyone must try to have a full mind of their interests to know what should they opt in the future. Because it’s you who has to work for their own living and if someone tries to stop you from achieving your dreams… Ignore them and speak when you think that you’re finally successful.


Finally someone agrees with me, Everyone should be totally in control of his/her own career decision