Don't just "survive" your vacations

Before Reading Any Further: Many students get their hearts broken and souls crushed at the end of holidays. Thus, here are some basic bullet points about how your holidays so that you can prepare your fragile selves from the otherwise inevitable guilt and depression waiting for you at the end of vacations:

1. The JOSHEELA STUDENT Phase (The initial stage) - “I will complete this and that, end syllabus of all subjects before holidays run out! Yeehaw!”

2. The CHALO THORRA BOHT HI HOJAYE Phase (Something you will face after a couple of or something days) - “Hmmm… I wasted quite some days, let’s complete practical notebooks and cover a bit of syllabus of just one subject. Still better than a lot, right!? Yippee!”

3. The I SERIOUSLY HATE MYSELF Phase (Just 3 or 4 days before holidays end) - "I want to study but can’t. I think I can study but can’t. I’m a thug; starting to accept and hate myself for it. But I guess no one else is studying, so… Yay?

4. The HAHAHAHAHA MY LIFE SUCKS Phase (When tomorrow is ‘Back to College day’) - "So there are a couple dozen of tests right after the holidays end. My world is on fire and I can’t do anything about it. I have completely, utterly wasted 40 days and the funny thing is that I did not even enjoy doing it Throughout the holidays, I tried getting my rebel brain to study yet it outsmarted me. But hey, pre examination leaves are still to come, Eureka!

There you go. This will happen no matter what you do. I suggest that you just try to enjoy these holidays. These days are not meant to be used for studying period yet if you want to cover some stuff, make sure you make achievable goals. Don’t SURVIVE these vacations, instead RELISH them.


Relateable :100: :joy:. The guilt :weary: !

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Very well written!!!

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Thank you so much, means a lot :slight_smile:

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