Don't underestimate the power of the common weapons

Have you ever been beaten by your Mom?
Now don’t say “No”.

Because whatever told by moms after beaten badly that " Jisko zyada piyar krte hen uski zyada pitai b hoti he",
Now, what kind of love is this?
Any way.

If your answer is “No” you do not love most by your mom.

The situation to show love by this way create by any mom when their child or to say victim busy in spreading the mess.

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The weapon used to attack victim seem so harmless and common but believe me their way of touching can show you lots of bright stars in the day time.


These items have a separate part of Nostalgia in any child life who have been a victim by these, were living their happy and carefree own way life before met to the incident.

The specialty of every weapon depending on their uniqueness, their special feature, their varieties of use in different specific time and scenario, and Yes, different target range.



It is used to hang cloth on it, Yes.
But its way of use is sometimes manipulated by the attacker.
A special time to use it, when the victim is not ready to complete their homework.

#2Rolling Pin

It is used to make Roti.
Mostly use to split one head into two.
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To attack a target, have to go near it.



It is used when the attacker in rage.

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It is short-range depending on the length of it and also the quality of the belt to separate the skin from the body.
The target can dodge it.

#4Flip Flop/ Slipper Desi Name is Chappal


The Long Range Weapon!
It is one of the most Wanted Weapons used by the attacker to attack the target from any direction.
The specialty is, it never loses its target.
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When once the victim being attacked by any of these weapons, there left only tears and protest in the home against dinner together.

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Well, no love is more precious than a mother love.