"Dr. Maha committed suicide": Post-mortem report prepared

An autopsy report of Dr. Maha, who committed suicide in the Defense area of ​​Karachi, has been prepared.

According to Deputy Inspector General (DIG) South, Javed Akbar Riaz, the post-mortem of Dr. Maha Shah was prepared by the Medical Board and handed over to the police. According to the post-mortem report, the bullet struck from the right side and came out from the left side, according to which it has been proved that Dr. Maha has committed suicide.

Earlier, after a CT scan and an initial medical report, concerns arose that the bullet struck from the left side and came out from the right side, which was indicating the murder.

Dr. Maha Shah’s grave was exhumed on October 15 and tested by the Jamshoro Medical University Board.

Case Background:
It may be recalled that on August 19, the body of Lady Dr. Maha Shah from the Defense area of ​​Karachi was found at his house on which the police had expressed suspicion that Dr. Maha had committed suicide by shooting herself.

Police said that the female doctor was living with her parents, 2 younger sisters, and a younger brother. The doctor had an argument with her father and she went to the bathroom and committed suicide.

However, during the investigation of the case, the police registered a case on August 26 on the complaint of Maha Shah’s father in which three accused have been named, in which Maha Shah’s friend Junaid, and other accused Waqas are included.

A case was registered against the three accused on the complaint of Dr. Maha Shah’s father Asif Ali Shah.

The plaintiff said that his daughter was allegedly victimized by these people and she was forced to die.