Educational institutions closed from November 24 to January 31, the academic session to May 31 proposed to extend


The Federal Ministry of Education sent its proposals to the provinces regarding the closure of educational institutions in view of the second wave of Corona.

The Federal Ministry of Education has suggested that educational institutions be closed from November 24 to January 31.

The Ministry of Education has proposed that primary schools be closed from November 24, middle schools are closed from December 2 and higher secondary schools be closed from December 15.

It is suggested that teachers should ensure attendance in institutions and prepare for online education, implement online education system including tele school, radio locally.

The Federal Ministry of Education has also proposed to extend the academic session till May 31 and conduct the Intermediate examinations in June 2021.

The Federal Ministry of Education has said that the inter-provincial education ministers’ conference will be held on November 23 in which the provinces will present their proposals.

It may be recalled that after the second wave of Corona intensified in Pakistan, the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) has directed to call 50 percent staff in government offices while important decisions regarding educational institutions are expected next week. ۔

In addition, indoor wedding halls have been banned since November 20, against which the hall owners are protesting. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the country cannot afford a complete lockdown, wear masks and be careful so that business does not have to close completely.

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