Entertainment or Publicity stunt? Juggan Kazim's recent morning show under severe criticism for showing inappropriate content


Juggun Kazim, Pakistan’s renowned actress has given heavenly performances in her time. Similar to the case with numerous others, presently the entertainer is enhancing her art and taking a shot at morning shows! Juggun Kazim’s morning show is in hot waters as a result of improper games. Do you know what we’re talking about?

A new clip from her morning show “Morning with Juggan” is becoming a web sensation wherein four couples are being made to play the most noticeably terrible game. They need to remain to inverse each other with an apple hanging between them. One individual needs to push the apple up the other’s head with their mouth. As you can envision, this scene looks downright an explicit scene and is likewise exceptionally unseemly for a morning show that sudden spikes in demand for national television.

The cameraman is likewise doing us the blessing of particularly zooming into the scenes and showing couples with their appearances scarcely an inch separated. Note that other than its impropriety, it’s just cringe-worthy. What is the motive behind causing individuals to do this?

As can be anticipated, our dearest netizens have adapted to the situation. They came raging in the remarks part of pages that common this viral clip. Many are devastated by what they needed to see and recoiled so hard they most likely pulled a muscle. Others are simply in dismay. Could this be expected from Juggun Kazim?

Netizens remarks on Instagram

Morning shows in Pakistan are a gift that continues to give. Going from morning show scenes of Nida Yasir in which she is confounded with regards to the Formula One car to now this. This apple-gnawing game that Juggun Kazim imaginatively pondered and carried out for her show.

Morning shows are oriented in such a way to grab a certain number of ratings. Big anchors like Shaista Lodhi, Faisal Qureshi admit the fact that they have to do cringe-worthy shows because of the channel’s demand. And sometimes have to cross the limits in the race of TRP.

Would anyone be able to envision awakening and need to see this? We question it! Morning shows can be cleaned to become habit-forming for individuals notwithstanding, in Pakistan, individuals generally run from them. Ideally, Juggun Kazim will get familiar with some things about show facilitating from this kickback—or perhaps it’ll deteriorate.

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Where is PEMRA? Morning shows are the house of vulgarity. They should be ban.

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Nonsense act just to get TRP.

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