Ever drank khooni gannay ka juice? Vendor sells 'khooni gannay ka juice' in Ghaziabad

It is usual that on hot summer days, we rush towards some summer drinks like juices to refresh ourselves. Imagine for a while that you asked a seller to give you juice and he gives you khooni gannay ka juice? What will be your reaction then? Wired right!


Sugarcane juice (Ganne ka Russ) is a popular refreshing summer drink. It has a lot of health benefits too and people love to drink it.
A roadside vendor has come up with a unique idea as he is selling the khooni gannay ka juice in Ghaziabad, India. The video of that man has gone viral on social media.

The video was shared by food blogger Vishal as he requests a glass of “Khooni gannay ka juice” from the vendor.

The procedure is that the man squeezes the juice out of sugarcane using a machine. He then adds some pudina leaves to the machine. He slices and purees some pieces of beet, which he later mixes skillfully with the sugarcane juice. Now the ‘khooni gannay ka juice’ is ready for you!

People after watching the video, took a shine to this unique idea of serving khooni gannay ka juice. They expressed their wish to try it.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/dailytimes.com.pk/847760/khooni-gannay-ka-juice-video-viral/amp/

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