Ever Seen such True Love? Young Boy Inspired by Farhad from Khuda aur Mohabbat Sat on Shrine in the Memory of his Beloved Lover


Dramas lay a serious impact on people’s mind. For instance, Geo Network’s Drama Khuda ur Mohabbat 3 has broken all the records of rating and became very popular among the people. Apart from this, Feroz Khan character Farhad in the drama was quite famous and has loved by many. As he always sat on the Shrine in the love of his beloved lover Maahi, same thing happened in real life. Yeah, really!

A young boy name Azeem Ullah got inspired by Farhad character and sat on the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Shams Tavbraiz every Friday in the memory of his lover. He owns a cosmetic shop and is a matriculation student. His lover was his class fellow and now has married to someone else. Hilarious huh!


The young boy says, “Now I will get up from this Shrine when my love will meet me, otherwise I will keep on sitting here”.

His get up is also as same as Farhad.

He further said, “sitting on Shrine is not easy but I am always ready to wait for her here. If Feroz Khan will get his love then I will get my love too and if he will not get it, I will stay right here and wait for my love”.


Undoubtedly, true love exists, but should people do such things to get their love back? His beloved class fellow has already married to someone else and has gone from her life but he is still waiting for her. Isn’t this foolishness?

As said, true love exists, but once in a lifetime. It’s ok if you didn’t get the love of your life. You should not regret because life is also a one time gift and you should push yourself and try move on.

Source: Propakistani

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