EVEREST The life Peak

Everest is a word , which means top, peak, climax, the highest point. Mount everest is a highest mountain of the world located on the border between Nepal & China. It is 29,030 feet high.
But here I want clear my words that I am not talking about mount everest my topic is about the word “Everest” .
Which means “ambitions”, “objectives”.
If we say that everest is not only just a peak or highest point but also an aim or ambition of a man’s life then we will surely not wrong at that point,Here I am comparing everest or highest point with a man’s Life ambition or aim. we all have some dreams in our life ,Suppose you have a dream to climb up the mount everest.
And Some people want to be a doctor , engineer and many more. So the conclusion is every dream of your life is a peak of that mountain , which you want to climb up.
Every person has a different everest in his /her Life.
Everest is that peak of your life where you want to climb.
Success is a peak of your Life. We all have different everest in our life, Everyone have different everest in their Life.