Example posts for content idea

On this page, you will find the type of content that we believe makes FrontPage.PK an interesting website. To increase your chances of winning prizes in our weekly content competitions please review the topics listed here to get inspiration for your next topic.

Political videos

Topic Strengths Suggested improvements
PTI's Yawer Bukhari schools PPP's Palwasha Khan Interesting political video
  • Contains a summary of what happens in the video

Discussion topics

Topic Strengths Suggested improvements
Hwww! What people will say? This topic started a healthy discussion
  • Format the content better; use proper paragraphing and remove redundant text
  • Use horizontal image instead of a vertical image

Informative topics

Topic Strengths Suggested improvements
A 10 sec video sold for $6.6 million! It captures the latest craze that is going on around NFTs right now
  • Use better quality image which is bigger and horizontal
Bitcoin: Can It Be Integrated in Pakistan’s Economy? Interesting topic with a good point of view


Topic Strengths Suggested improvements
Pakistanis and corona It is funny and an average Pakistan can relate to it Use better quality image

Social news

Topic Strengths Suggested improvements
The Internet is overwhelmed over the friendship between Malala Yousazai and Mia Khalifa
  • Is about something that at the time of posting people on the internet were talking about
  • Captures what is happening on the social media
  • Use better quality image which is bigger and horizontal
  • Add more details


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Failure a social stigma…

How to Listen

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