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Official Name : Dalwat Qatar ( State Of Qatar)emphasized text
Form Of Government : Constitutional emirate with one
advisory body ( Advisory council)
Head Of State & Government

*Emir : Sheikh Tamim ibn Hamad Al Thani **
Capital : Doha **
Official Language : Arabic

*Religion : Islam **
*Monterey Unit : Qatari Riyal QR *
Population (2020est.) 3,009000
*Population Rank (2019) 141 *
Urban Population : 99.1%Rural Population : 0.9%

Qatar’s Airport is Most beautiful Airport .Hammad International Airport has been ranked
The Third best airport in the world. Qatar is a small but beautiful counrty in the Middle East combining tradition and modernity: luxury hotels and shiny malls stand alongside vibrant traditional markets and desert life. Whether you want to go shopping indulge in Islamic Art, or go on adventure in the desert this is the place to be ! Most of the country’s attractions concentrate around Doha, the shiny capital in which 90% of the population lives. It boasts an impressive skyline with millions of lights glittering at night. Visit the futuristic building of the Museum of Islamic Art, The Corniche and immerge yourself in the magical world of Souq Waqif -. “The Gate in West Way”offers various designer clothing, while Villaggio Mall specializes in Italian
brands ! When traveling to this region, travelers should be aware that Qatar is a conservative Islamic country, and religious dress codes apply. Men and women should cover their knees and shoulders at the very least!
Here I am sharing my experience travel to Qatar was amazing its pleasure of visiting Qatar a year ago ; I am glad that my husband give me opportunity to see it. The thing I love about the city in particular is that it has so much of its authentic heritage and culture woven in everywhere you turn. The Islamic influence and Arab culture allows you to enjoy the region as if you were stepping back in time -

Katara Cultural Village
“Valley of Cultures” is home to the cities cultural
events, traditional handicrafts, restaurants and plenty of green areas to run around. You will also find an opera house, library, art galleries and the beautiful Katara Mosque.

Souq Waqif
Beautifully restored from the original markets that
stood for over a century, this is the cities hub of trade and entertainment. Get lost in the maze of stalls from spices and sweets through to tailors, jewelers and wood carving. Don’t miss the Falcon Souq, but you can probably skip the pets. There is also a large number of eateries within the Souq if you are looking for a dinner stop.
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Its the best place for walk along beach side you can experience a deep blue sea with beautiful buildings awesome tracks for walk to feel fresh air at morning
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a shiny glittery skyline at night its amazing beautiful place for visit.
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Aspire Park offers comprehensive facilities for the community including running and walking tracks, large green spaces, children playgrounds, a café overlooking a large lake.

Villaggio Mall
Villaggio Mall is one of the biggest and beautiful mall in Doha located at Al Wahab Street between the Hyatt Plaza and Sports City. The distance of Villaggio Mall is around 14-15 km from Old City Doha. There are over 200 plus branded and unbranded shops under one roof with amazing architecture/Interior and indoor canal with gondolas. You can find big food court inside the mall and theme park where you can enjoy, ice hockey rink, bowling center and roller coaster.
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In surrounding you can enjoy your time in Aspire Park, Aspire Mosque and The Torch Doha. This is the best place to spend 3 to 4 hours with your family and friends. You must go to visit this beautiful country …


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