Father allegedly tortured and beaten by private school administration in front of the child for not paying fee on time


We all have been through schools in our lives. It is the part of guidelines of all institutes, particularly private schools that students are asked to pay their monthly dues by the 10th of each month, otherwise, they will be fined. But torturing and humiliating a child’s father just because he didn’t pay the fee on time is inappropriate and unacceptable.

Today, the administration of a non-public school in Karachi allegedly tortured the father in front of the child for not paying the monthly dues on time.

The victim said that the school management tortured him for not paying his child’s monthly charges on schedule. Bystanders and other guardians were the eyewitnesses of this occurrence. The victim’s identity has been kept anonymous.

At the point when the Education Department team visited the school on the complaint of the youngster’s dad, the school management additionally halted the Education Department team from entering the school.

Video shared by child’s father allegedly tortured by private school mafia.

Listen to the painful voice of the father. How he is crying and taking the testimony of his innocence from the rest of the people in front of his child. What would have felt to this child when he had seen his father in this condition? How hard it would be for him to raise money so that he could send his child to a better school and get him a high-quality and lucrative education like the rest of the children.

How long will we be under the pressure of this private mafia? We have to raise our voices for a better future for our children. On the one hand, private schools charge double the amount but also humiliate parents for not paying dues on time. No matter how influential they are, no one has the right to humiliate a person.

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Such an inhumane behavior. :rage::angry:

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Private school wale waise bhi apne app ko konsi makhlook smajte hai jo kisi or planet se ai hai bs apni tijori bharne k pari hai kisi ko khyal nae k walaidaain kitni mehnat krk paise kamate hain agr dair ho b gai hai fees main to wajah pochni chahiye k kisi maslay ka shikar to nahi wo lken yeh kia tareeka hua sb k samne maarna or zalil krna. Strict action lena chahiye in k against.

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