Female customer humiliated restaurant staff while refused to show vaccination certificate in Karachi. Video went viral!


We all have heard about Karens? Haven’t we? For those who don’t know what is the term Karen. Let me explain it to you. This term is used mockingly to describe a white woman who demands special treatment for no reason by abusing others and getting attention and privilege. Or according to BBC, the kind of a person who demands to speak to the manager.

A video is going rounds on social media for a couple of days. In which a female customer or we can say a ‘Desi Karen’ at a restaurant in Karachi refuses to show a vaccination certificate and insults a manager.

According to the reports, an argument arose between a customer and staff management of a restaurant when a customer refused to wear a mask or show her vaccination certificate. The customer who claims to be a human rights activist accused the restaurant staff of violating her constitutional right. She could be seen shouting and mocking at the staff for trying to invade her medical privacy. And called them idiots.

However, the staff of the restaurant told the customer, they must ask for a vaccination certificate according to government SOPs.
In a tweet, Karachi administrator Murtaza Wahab appreciated the staff for doing the right thing and standing up against such rude behavior.

Earlier this year, a video of two females went viral for mocking and humiliating the manager of a cafe for broken English. But we must take a stand against those people who refuse to follow the rules and SOPs.

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