Female Tutor Arrested For Kidnapping 13-Year-Old Student

Police have arrested a female tutor named Tahira for kidnapping her 13-year-old student in Lahore.

According to the statement of the boy’s mother, the boy left for his tuition class on the 15th of October, but he never returned home, after which his family registered a missing person complaint at the Nawankot police station.

On the 29th of October, the police conducted a raid near Jaranwala, where they arrested the suspect and rescued the boy.

Speaking to a source, the boy’s mother said, “My son told me that the teacher took him to a bus stand, and then they took a bus to Jaranwala.” She stated that Tahira’s brothers had been threatening the family.

According to the police, the suspect had kidnapped the child to escape from her house. On the other hand, The Express Tribune stated, Tahira had abducted the sixth-grade student for marriage.

The teacher was granted bail on the 30th of October.