Forced Marriage

Marriage is the basic fundamental building block of life.The word Marriage is committement and it’s purpose is to keep loyal , faithful to each other for the rest of their lives. But the concept of forced marriage is devastating. As muslims we all know that Allah wants love and compassion between the spouses and how can that be attained when he /she hates him/her and does not like him/her? What kind of love and compassion can there be in that case?

Force marriages are haram and invalid in islam. This concept applies to both men and women! Even men cannot be forced ! Marriage should be mutual.

Following your parents is good only if you know you are happy and will be compatible with a person.Because remember you will have to live that life so make it a good one! At the same time we must stand up for all those who are forced into choices not of their own and have to live with consequences of problems they never even wanted or chose in the first place.
Say No to force Marriage and coercing life choices. Islam gives the right of choice to both genders when it comes to marriage.


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