Freedom of press

The press has an extensive history that must be observed and understood for an accurate analysis of the problems that face the press today.

“The press” is an extremely broad term and includes all systems that make information available to the public. Newspaper, television, radio, magazines, books, lectures , movies, art, dance, telephone, cassette, CDS, video disks, electronic bulletin boards, computer networks, bill boards, and so on.

Today because of its variety, it is known as
“The Media.” “The media” would continue to present the public with information that influenced our society in several diverse ways.

It is important for journalists to remember however, that they are responsible for informing the public in the certain fashion. In order for the press to maintain
“GOD Faith” with the reader, they must follow certain guidelines or ethics.

There are four primary aspects of newsgathering and reporting.
The first being seeking and reporting the truth.
Journalists should take many steps in assuring themselves that the information they have gathered is truthful amd and accurate.

Journalists should always seek out the subject of their reporting and give them the opportunity to respond to the allegations that are being brought up against them, while identifying their sources, which should be checked throughly for reliability, and never plagiarized.

By following these guidelines, the harm induced on those being reported is minimized .
To minimize the harm caused to those being reported, journalists are simply reminded to be sensitive when seeking interviews or photos of people affected by tragedy or grief, realizing that private people have right to control certain accounts of information regarding themselves.

In doing so, journalists become more respected by the public, and become accountable for their reporting, they must admit any to any mistakes they may have made, and attempt to correct them immediately.

Journalists should calarify their coverage and invite the public to discuss and voice any grievances against the news media that they may have, as well as properly exposing unethical practices of fellow journalists and the news media.

In doing this, journalists will be working independently. Journalists must remain free of associations that could damage their own personal credibility, which may involve accepting gifts, favors or canceled fees in exchange for reporting something your that benefits their sources, contradicting and interest for the public.

Journalists have these guidelines to help them concentrate their efforts to reporting honesty and accurately. There are some journalists who however, that choose not to follow such guidelines.

"The public feels that journalists are too aggressive in the way that play their watchdog role, and are doing it not because they are seeking the truth, butt to advance their careers. "

The fact of journalism itself is changing to accommodate new technology, global events, amd the complicated needs and interests of the viewer.

The challenge facing the courts then , is to ensure that investigative journalism can continue to produce hard-hitting stories that expose wrongdoing, while avoiding the litigations that redirects blame to the journalists.


support for freedom to speak or press

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