From 'Baby Shark Do Do to Begum Shak Kerti hai', Abrar-ul-Haq's latest hit will make your ears bleed

A couple of months prior, Abrar ul Haq, a renowned singer of Pakistan targeted the young moms by giving a dubious assertion. His assertion caused a stir on social media, no doubt.
“When we were kids, our mothers chose to recite the Kalima while holding us to their embrace, today mothers play Baby Shark and hand their cellphones over to their kids,” The singer stated.

The veteran vocalist has come out with another release and the name is Begum Shak Karti hai. Amusingly, the tune follows the tune of the hit, Baby Shark. Regardless of whether this was an endeavor to deliver another hit or to re-direct the criticism he got on his scandalous assertion, the outcome is most certainly bad. The video highlights Saba Qamar as a person who might effectively get her husband in a trouble. The music video continues through various scenes where the spouse is attempting to see if her husband is being untrustworthy to her or not. Just shockingly, the husband was arranging an unexpected birthday celebration for her.

The song isn’t right on such countless levels, charging ladies and summing them up as ‘Shakki’ is a story ancient. What’s more, in case that was adequately not, he took to his Twitter handle to impart the furthest down-the-line delivery to a disagreeable subtitle.

“Dedicated to all those who are too much married…Yaani “Run Mureed”.

Netizens weren’t pleased with the inscription nor with the depiction of married women in the music video. They called out both the vocalist and the entertainer via online media for their retrogressive reasoning and the obsolete idea of the satire.

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