'Gift more money to eat more' - New wedding rule made in Punjab

Muzaffargarh News

Extraordinary problems need extraordinary solutions and thanks to Almighty, there is no shortage of illuminating minds in our dear motherland. For the extraordinary problem of guests overeating, wasting food, bringing hoards of uninvited persons along at weddings, people of rural Southern Punjab have come up with a revolutionary solution thinking outside of the box.

Nowadays in Muzaffargarh, a rule is being enforced on marriage banquets; You’ll get food worth the money ( salami ) you gift to bride and groom. Say you give 500, this would mean you get one plate of rice, one of curry and one serving of dessert if any, in addition to that the servings are weighed on weighing scale, so how many grams you get per plate depends on how generous the wedding organisers are.


This drastic measure, other than due to country’s dwindling economy, came into effect after overeating became an acute trouble in banquets. People who gifted 500 rupees would eat 2000 worth of meal, well not actually eating it all but rather filling their crockeries more than they needed to eat because gluttony is hard to resist, they also brought extra guests with them, who would only pile on the total “damages” hosts incurred.

The new process can also be viewed as cheap or miserly as why should the guests (invited) have to pay for feast? The feast is from a couple celebrating its blissful moments of matrimonial binding, charging attendees what amount they offer to couple is cheapening out and very cynical approach. But unbiasedly viewing, bearing in mind the countryside culture and circumstances aforesaid conditions are being imposed in, there are chances it might be right choice. Wish there was a way of overseeing the trial run, so a definitive, unanimous, non-divisive conclusion could have been made. Good news we’ll at least be getting final results nonetheless, hold off our judgement horses till then shall we, esteemed sires and mademoiselles?