Girl wearing kurta without shalwar creates storm on Pakistani social media

Alina Khanana

On the nights of 18-19 November, a Kali Shalwar caused a bigger ruckus in Pakistan than its namesake controversial short story of Saadat Hassan Manto did. The black garment trended at number 2 and suddenly became a red-hot topic of raging debate where the opposing and supporting sides tried their level best in one-upping each other for hours.


It all commenced when Twitter user Alina tweeted her photos, then a catwalking video sporting just kurta and no legwear with the caption " i love going out without pants".

Alina Khanana

Followed by more likewise pictorial and text tweets, later of which she defended her apparel choice in. In a no-brainer eventuality, the shalwarless public messages didn’t sit well with public, they sharply critiqued Alina’s selection leaving no holds barred, terming it a carnage of a graceful, elegant cultural clothing. Some subtly and some absolutely unsubtly lambasted her for having dark knees, a skin condition, natural colour or a dinstinctive look due to improper exfoliation, shaming still unwarranted in whole three situations nevertheless.









Some photoshoppers among arguing crowd worked their magic and ‘fixed’ the pictures adding the vital missing piece of attire, those edits were well-lauded by users unhappy at seeing national dress’ plight.


In spite of harsh censure, the lady with rather peculiar (going by established norms) dressing tendencies has bluntly refused to move her ground, she asserts it’s her right as an independent Pakistani citizen to wear whatever clothes she likes containing whatever alterations of pre-existing dresses. Her defence catchphrase even included a personalised iteration of famous Aurat March slogan “Mera jism, meri marzi” in the form of “I’m not wearing pants cause meri marzi”.



It would be dishonest to state a good chunk of Ms. Alina’s past and present social media remarks aren’t controversy-prone at all, but at the end of the day there is no denying a person has total freedom over their dressing, even if said dress is donned provocatively. It’s instigated individuals’ job to be respecting of that right just like the opposite person should be respectful of their right to dislike. What do you think?

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