Globalisation and Sustainability

The world was once vast and unknown. 

Communication was once Dreaded as massage would take Exceeded amount of time from one point of Destination to the next. Countries would not know of each other affairs for months because the world was large beyond anyone’s Imagination.

Butt as soon as technology reared its head the world rapidly became smaller.

IT Modified everything within its Grasp.

Communication that once took months could new take seconds . Traveling abroad that would have taken years now took hours.

On the side of the Argument Globalisation is considered as a force, that weekens the power of government whereas other Debate the country, claiming that there is no effect and power remains consult. Still both Arguments fail because of the extremity that they impose.

A Better Argument would be that Globalization does effect Government power, not to the point of weakening, butt ensuring that no abuse of power occurs unknowingly.

Globalisation is simply a tool that enables the actions of government to be monitored by other countries and world organizations.

Today world is based on the market. The selling of goods and services to the consumer to grain profit.

Therefore Globalization has become the expansion of the market place with greater opportunities for production and trade in new locations.

There has been a similar vision on the purpose of developing environmental policy the development is too alow :

  • Multiple times scale in which the presents is considered as well as the near and further future.
  • Effect on various Dimensions of social life where economy, environment, and social equity are viewed as equal.
  • Diverse social and ecological scales where region and locality are a concern as well as the global nation.

All these aspects are to produce an ecologically balanced society, with stable institutions designs to assure equilibrium within tolerances that the nation environment can support.

Two options are to either increase product prices or cutt spending on other operations within the process. Increasing prices would allow costs to be convered and avoid in any profit loss experience by the corporation butt high prices could cause of decrease in profit for it causes a degrease in profits by the lower prices. This again is a current competitors.

Environmental policy with absence of enforcement leads to the lack of interests in enforcement.

The NAFTA agreement, the elaminations of tariffs among trading countries, between the United states, Canada and the developing Mexico is a good example of how business escape strict policy.
Because of Mexico’s low wage enforcement and anti union government, environmental policy falls prey to lower standards and enforcement.

Through Globalization are the world can look upon itself and see that there are better methods of approaching problems. Profit can not constantly exist if there’s no planet to work from.

The Government see this and pressure each other to abide by the universal understanding that there’s a great need for sustainability.

Both Canada and Australia have set example that industry and environment can exist together and it’s government dutty to ensure that guidelines are sett to alow enforcement take place .

Globalisation can help environmental policy only if other countries have full understanding of the benefits and participate with means of improvement.

The poorer nations need to be guided by the wealthy of prevent any further destruction on the remaining resources that the planets contains.


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The environment factor you mentioned is my main concern. It’s high time to preserve our environment. Globalization is a boon but it has also made this world a scarier place

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