Grandchildren organise the grand wedding of 70-year-old 'Dada Jaan' in Islamabad

Saying “Qubool hai” is never too late!

Love can find you anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to be young to find your beloved partner. This saying came true when we witnessed a unique wedding event in Islamabad. The 70-year-old professor Gulzar tied a knot in a grand wedding ceremony organised by his grandchildren on Tuesday.

The traditional wedding was hosted by two families and invited many guests with a variety of wedding dishes. The celebration lasted for several weeks. Gulzar’s grandchildren actively participated in all the festive events of Dada Jaan’s wedding.

"This is me, my grandfather, and we will marry him." The granddaughter said to the media.


When Professor Gulzar’s ex-wife died, he began to feel depressed and lonely. His son soon realized that they should find a beloved partner for him to get out of that depression. Families motivated the old man to get married again to get out of loneliness. His grandchildren launched a campaign to get their grandfather married again.

He said while talking about his newly married wife.

"You can say if this my luck to see her [Nuzhat Yasmeen] for coming into my life".

Nuzhat Yasmeen’s response to being asked how it happened,

“I am Gulzar’s daughter-in-law Zainab’s choice. I just want to say that wish me a happy life after the marriage".

Ms. Yasmeen agreed to make Professor Gulzar her life partner. And finally, they tied the knot at a traditional wedding in Islamabad. The family wished them a happy life ahead. The grandchildren were happy to see their Dada becoming “Dulha” once again.

This makes the saying a reality!
"Dill To Bacha Hai Ji"


When we talk about Pakistani weddings, we get involved in caste, age, finances, and family background. But this is a perfect example of breaking all stereotypes.


Dada ji abhi toh main jawaan hoon ko kuchh ziada hi sanjeedgi se le gaye. Baharhal, mubarak ho tumko yeh shaadi tumhari, sada khush raho tum duaa hai hamari.

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Haha dekho kitne cute lagg rhe dada jii dulha ban k :joy::joy:

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Haha woh kehty hain na Dil Jawan hona chahyay :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually a good decision by his grandchildren to save him from depression and loneliness of old age and in Islam there is no restrictions on it …I wish both of them “Good Luck” exuberant amount of happiness

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