Gucci Sells Its 'Kaftan' For Rs540,977 But We Can Get Such 'Kameez' Within Rs2,500 in Pakistan!

The Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods has just released its own line of ‘Kaftans’. Not so astonishingly, these Gucci Kaftans cost $2,500 to $3,000.

Brand says, its “floral embroidery organic linen kaftan” is for $3,500, or Rs540,977. But the kaftan glimpses very analogous to a kameez.

Although this design is not somewhat that is original and profound. Gucci has not created something unique and genuine this time. This ‘kaftan’ which looks more like a ‘kameez’ is the design mostly followed in Asia and the middle east. It just appears as Gucci has just stolen the design from local Asian catalogs and storefronts and put it on the model with a basketball engraved ‘Gucci’ and hohoooo— billions of business.

But on the other side, Pakistani people find it funny and share their reflections on this new launch of Gucci. A Twitter user tweets something really funny besides 100% truth.

By the way, when I told my mother " k ye Kurta itny ka mil raha hai" the only thing she said “aisa kurta toh yahan aik khareedny pr aik muft milta hai” :joy:

Another Twitter user tweets that this kurta should come along with the monthly installments and no doubt the price of the kaftan is even more than a well-furnished car so I think monthly installments are justified.

Some other people say “itny main toh hmary Haan Shaadi ho jati hai jitny ka kurta hai” and no doubt they are right!

But the shocking thing is that Gucci’s new line of kaftan has already sold out. It is sad that we idealize and promote these International brands for their copying and half-hearted attempts. Why? because they have a tag of their brand on everything and we are obsessed with tags and brands.

What do you think about our obsession with tags and brands?
And don’t forget to show this ‘kaftan’ to your mothers with the prize and enjoying their remarks!


Proud to be a Pakistani :joy::joy::joy:

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Hmare idr pakistan main itne main hazaron kaftaan aajien :rofl:


Or aala sy aaala design!