Gujranwala's wedding hall turned into a battlefield. Second wife's raid on husband's third marriage, then what happened?

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Every Pakistani yearns for a second marriage, which some can fulfill, yet for a few, it stays merely a dream. But you have never seen or heard about a marriage we are talking about today.

On the occasion of the third marriage ceremony of a resident of Gujranwala, unexpectedly the second wife arrived at the marriage hall. A short time later, the marriage hall turned into a battlefield.

As per private TV News channel, Adnan, a Gujranwala man was sitting in the marriage hall as a groom in his third wedding ceremony when abruptly his second spouse arrived at the marriage hall with her family members.

When the lady arrived, she began arguing with her better half out of frustration, after which the matter escalated to a point when the two sides utilized kicks and punches on one another openly.

As indicated by sources, seeing the circumstance getting out of power, the administration of the marriage hall called the police who came and saved the two families. According to the police, Adnan had divorced his first spouse and got married for the second time. also, was currently getting married for the third time without informing the new lady of the hour that he was at that point wedded. Adnan’s subsequent spouse mediated before the nikkah could be performed. Also, a happy wedding reception before long transformed into a tumultuous one.

Have a look at the viral video:

Have you at any point witnessed a particularly weird marriage before?

In Islam, the consent of the first wife is not required for a second marriage. Notwithstanding, it isn’t admissible to wed the second spouse covertly from the first wife and to mislead the future wife.

Any individual who goes into a second marriage without the authorization of his first spouse or mediation board is obligated to detainment for as long as one year and a fine up to PKR 500,000/ - [Polygamy 6(5)] Muslim Law Ordinance 1961. A spouse can counsel the association to request her support and that of her children from the husband.

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