Have you heard of World Sleep Day?

Sleep is a human need and a great blessing that we only realize when we are hit by Insomnia. Unfortunately now a days there are very rare people who are blessed to have peaceful sleep and who give priority to it while the rest of the population suffers from poor sleep. Therefore, in order to spread awareness about the importance of healthy sleep and its maintenance the world sleep day is organized.

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Key factors of World Sleep Day.

☆ It is an annual event that is hosted by World Sleep Society since 2008. Every year it is held on Friday but the exact date varies.

☆ This year the world sleep day is on 19 March, with the slogan of “Regular sleep, healthy future”.

☆ This day is celebrated in 88 countries around the globe to spread awareness about benefits of sleep and tips to have sound sleep.

☆ For three years the world sleep day has become a trend on twitter with the hashtag, #WorldSleepday.

Reasons of unhealthy sleep

There are many reasons for unhealthy sleep including anxiety, stress, depression, excessive use of mobile or laptop and long naps during day time.

Few tips to have healthy sleep by World Sleep society.

  1. Maintain internal sleep clock by fixing your bed time and awakening time.

  2. Do not have coffee, tea or even chocolate at least 6 hours before bedtime because they contain caffeine.

  3. Don’t take long day-time naps. Even if you are habitual of naps then reduce them to 45 minutes.

  4. Try to avoid other distractions and noises.

  5. Create a peaceful environment for sleep.

  6. Blink your eyes for one minute continuously.

  7. Use your bed only for sleep not as a work place.

  8. Exercise is good during morning but can disturb your sleep if you do it at night.

  9. Dim the light of your room as much as possible.

  10. Have a comfortable bed for sleeping.

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Few common benefits of healthy sleep

● It makes you perform better in professional as well as in personal life.
● It refreshes your brain cells for new tasks of the next day.
● It strengthens your heart.
● It boosts up your immune system.
● It can help you to prevent weight gain (Means you don’t have to stay hungry to lose weight :wink: )
● It improves your memory power (Ahan! Then you don’t have to eat more “badaam” :wink: )
● Last but not the least, it keeps you in good mood and reduses depression. (I guess we all direly need this)

So, what do you think about this day and how are you going to celebrate it? And don’t forget to wish those friends who sleep the whole day, after all it is their day :grin:
Oh yes, if you are on of them then Happy world sleep day mate :smile:

Reference: World Sleep Society.


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