Hec will not attest the BA,B.Sc degrees

The future of thousands of BA, B.Sc students from colleges affiliated with universities is likely to be in jeopardy. HEC has announced that enrollment in 2-years BA BSc programs is illegal after 2018 hence HEC will not attest BA BSc degrees of the students enrolled in the programs after 2018.

But surprisingly the universities are still offering these programs in 2020. Most of the public sector universities offer private exams in these programs and also conduct exams of the students enrolled in their affiliated colleges.
The Higher Education Commission had informed the universities in 2017 that the two-year degree programs in the colleges affiliated to the government universities were being abolished and new programs should be introduced in its place.

However, universities continue to violate it and continue the two-year degree program, so now the Higher Education Commission has clarified in a letter that enrollment in the two-year degree program after 2018 is illegal, confirming their degree.