Hilarious: Couple's unique wedding entry turned into a disaster


There are several hilarious wedding videos on the internet and this funny wedding entry is one of them. In the humorous incident, the couple thought to do something different at their wedding venue. They planned to do a unique entry but the result was quite different. Grand entry turned into a disaster.

In the video posted on Instagram, the bride and groom can be seen sitting on a fancy swing-like structure hovering over a table. The guests were gazing upon them as the couple planned to make a grand entry.

On the contrary, aside from the swing, the couple was not supported by any harness. They lost their balance. The swing tilted forwards, making them fall on the table.

After the incident, the guests run to help them. Furthermore, it is not clear if the couple suffered from injuries or not.

Here is the Instagram posted video:


Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/arynews.tv/viral-video-unique-entry-of-bride-and-groom-on-swing-turns-into-disaster/amp/