Hilarious Heist in Pakistan gone viral

Nowadays, a video has been doing the rounds on Twitter showing a robber bantering with a shopkeeper while taking cash and shampoos.

“Yes, keep it,” the robber says after the shopkeeper asks him if he can keep some cash, putting the rest into a bag for him.

He then asks the shopkeeper to give him some “big notes”, in response to which he says he doesn’t have them because there is no work.

“We also don’t have work,” the robber remarks. “We’re doing it because there’s no other option, brother.”

The “friendly” robber also lets the shopkeeper keep change when he says it is hard to get.

“Don’t come again,” the shopkeeper requests and the robber’s response is: “In Sha Allah.”

This comical chatter instantly got caught in CCTV and attracted audience with many people commenting that such a robbery is possible only in Pakistan.