Horrific Incident! Woman Along with Her Baby Falls into a Manhole While Talking on Mobile Phone

No doubt that mobile phones are a great invention. They have become the most important part of every day life and have turned the whole world into a global village. In contrast to this, they have also become disastrous for people in many ways. For instance, people while walking on the roads don’t care about where they are stepping, they are always busy in using mobile phones which could be the result of an accident. They risk their own lives.

A same incident took place in New Delhi, India. From a CCTV footage, it can be seen that a woman with her one-year-old baby daughter falls into a manhole while she was talking on her mobile phone. She was too busy with her phone and wasn’t aware of where she was stepping.

Passerby saw them and immediately went to give them a hand. A young man jumped into the gutter and pulled out both of them. Fortunately, both mother and daughter were safe. The video has gone viral in India.

To conclude, using mobile phones while walking on the roads can be very dangerous, and they have become a distraction for people. As mobile phones have become an addiction in today’s world, people should not risk their own lives. It depends on us that how we use them.

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