How do I see life after pandemic and how we are going to survive and adapt in future?

It happened in the blink of an eye, there has been a change in life, maybe a change for good. Life turned upside down. With everything changing, there is still a fear and it is still growing. Fear of losing my favorite people, people I love the most, my family, and the fear of not fulfilling my dreams. Life has been different. I have observed a degree of financial toxicity that is affecting the lives and livelihoods of families in this pandemic. It has only worsened the financial difficulties and the lives of common people. On the other, it has also a huge psycho-social impact on societies. Pandemic has taken a hold of common people. Besides negative impacts, I still see the positives that the pandemic has brought. It has positively impacted the way we now emote and build relationships and we are now closer to our families, spending most of the time with them and planning to work better. Covid has given us a chance to reconnect with our loved ones. We are now preparing ourselves for the future. People are now practicing better hygiene because it no longer a good habit but a very skill for survival. Now, we understand how important it is to keep ourselves clean. People are coming with great ideas to entice and strengthen both their consumers and employees. By this, I mean that we are now acting and going in the right direction and these are changes that I want to see, this is how we are going to survive and adapt in a better way.


the pandemic has changed us all …we are now much stronger mentally ,emotionally and physically :slight_smile:

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We are fighting and will continue to fight :100:

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Covid will end but the lessons it teached us will remain forever.