How has the COVID 19 impacted your life?

COVID 19 is defined as an illness caused by a noval virus, with its first outbreak in China. Coughing and sneezing are just a few to be included in the symptoms of this destruction.

COVID 19 has drastically impacted my life. It has set around me demarcations in every way of life. From greetings to playing, maintaining social distance to quarantining yourself, studying to praying, it has changed ones perspective of life. Moreover, it has infused me with the saying, " HEALTH IS WEALTH". Now, I am a powerful believer of this saying, and am constantly every possible way to maintain health. Daily morning exercising has become a daily part of my life. Hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays are an integral part of my life.

Apart from this, I realized the fact that I have been closely attached to the ALMIGHTY to ask for forgiveness. Since HE is the all-knowing and all-controlling, I think that this COVID 19 is a sign of the Qayamah and that Allah wants all of us to change our beliefs about this life and to not feel much attached to this worldly life.
Thats all from me! Thanks!

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COVID-19 is somehow,
Blessing in disguise.
Something unexpected which can give good results too, if we’ll focus.
You wrote it well.