How has the COVID-19 impacted your life?

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COVID-19 has rapidly affected our day to day life, businesses, disrupted the world trade and movements. Identification of the disease at an early stage is vital to control the spread of the virus because it very rapidly spreads from person to person.

Presently the impacts of COVID-19 in daily life are extensive and have far reaching consequences. These can be divided into various categories:


• Challenges in the diagnosis, quarantine and treatment of suspected or confirmed cases
• High burden of the functioning of the existing medical system
• Patients with other disease and health problems are getting neglected
• Overload on doctors and other healthcare professionals, who are at a very high risk
• Overloading of medical shops
• Requirement for high protection
• Disruption of medical supply chain

• Slowing of the manufacturing of essential goods
• Disrupt the supply chain of products
• Losses in national and international business
• Poor cash flow in the market
• Significant slowing down in the revenue growth

• Service sector is not being able to provide their proper service
• Cancellation or postponement of large-scale sports and tournaments
• Avoiding the national and international travelling and cancellation of services
• Disruption of celebration of cultural, religious and festive events
• Undue stress among the population
• Social distancing with our peers and family members

And In Last this Virus effects our Human values,Relatives.and Humanity.!


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has affected day to day life and is slowing down the global economy. This pandemic has affected thousands of peoples, who are either sick or are being killed due to the spread of this disease. The most common symptoms of this viral infection are fever, cold, cough, bone pain and breathing problems, and ultimately leading to pneumonia. This, being a new viral disease affecting humans for the first time, vaccines are not yet available.


The various industries and sectors are affected by the cause of this disease these include the pharmaceuticals industry, solar power sector, tourism, Information and electronics industry. This virus creates significant knock-on effects on the daily life of citizens, as well as about the global economy.


SARS coV 2 ,which is spreading not only the disease COVID 19 but also fear and hopelessness among the public, is a deadly virus. It has effected every single person on this earth In various ways. Some people have lost there loved once, some people have been infected by the virus and some people live under the fear of being infected. It has created barrier between people giving rise to depression and stress. athough it has taken alot of things from us but It has also tried to give something back .It has opened us to a new era of virtual connections.Whether it be online teaching, or virtual gatherings or online gaming programe we went through them all to fill the gap created by corona virus. It forced us to explore the world which we never new existed.
It strengthened our bond with technology and opened our eyes to new possibilities of using technology. Improving and learning to tackle the problems created by this virus will make us a more responsible and better version of ourselves. And one day we will be able to defeat the virus and live as we used to live before.



The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and the world of work. The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic is devastating: tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty, while the number of undernourished people, currently estimated at nearly 690 million, could increase by up to 132 million by the end of the year.

Millions of enterprises face an existential threat. Nearly half of the world’s 3.3 billion global workforce are at risk of losing their livelihoods. Informal economy workers are particularly vulnerable because the majority lack social protection and access to quality health care and have lost access to productive assets. Without the means to earn an income during lockdowns, many are unable to feed themselves and their families. For most, no income means no food, or, at best, less food and less nutritious food.

The pandemic has been affecting the entire food system and has laid bare its fragility. Border closures, trade restrictions and confinement measures have been preventing farmers from accessing markets, including for buying inputs and selling their produce, and agricultural workers from harvesting crops, thus disrupting domestic and international food supply chains and reducing access to healthy, safe and diverse diets. The pandemic has decimated jobs and placed millions of livelihoods at risk. As breadwinners lose jobs, fall ill and die, the food security and nutrition of millions of women and men are under threat, with those in low-income countries, particularly the most marginalized populations, which include small-scale farmers and indigenous peoples, being hardest hit.

Millions of agricultural workers – waged and self-employed – while feeding the world, regularly face high levels of working poverty, malnutrition and poor health, and suffer from a lack of safety and labour protection as well as other types of abuse. With low and irregular incomes and a lack of social support, many of them are spurred to continue working, often in unsafe conditions, thus exposing themselves and their families to additional risks. Further, when experiencing income losses, they may resort to negative coping strategies, such as distress sale of assets, predatory loans or child labour. Migrant agricultural workers are particularly vulnerable, because they face risks in their transport, working and living conditions and struggle to access support measures put in place by governments. Guaranteeing the safety and health of all agri-food workers – from primary producers to those involved in food processing, transport and retail, including street food vendors – as well as better incomes and protection, will be critical to saving lives and protecting public health, people’s livelihoods and food security.

Countries dealing with existing humanitarian crises or emergencies are particularly exposed to the effects of COVID-19. Responding swiftly to the pandemic, while ensuring that humanitarian and recovery assistance reaches those most in need, is critical.

We must rethink the future of our environment and tackle climate change and environmental degradation with ambition and urgency. Only then can we protect the health, livelihoods, food security and nutrition of all people, and ensure that our ‘new normal’ is a better one.


As the year 2020 is drawing to its end, I feel like putting something down. If you ask me to sum it up in one sentence I would say it was the most productive year of my life.
I looked at my life in a new direction. I found that there are endless possibilities. We just need to keep going and have faith. I realized that learning a new skill or a new language for that matter brings joy. This year taught me that we should pay heed to self-care. We should not be afraid to explore new horizons. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan, that’s when we need to stay calm and that’s exactly when we thrive the most.


Fewer events in the history would have had so deep an impact as Covid-19 has had on the lives of people–both collective and individual. Since its outbreak in Wuhan last year, it has engulfed the whole world under its fold with its deleterious effects. From education to politics, from national economy to local businesses, from public to private sphere, it has transformed the lives of many around the globe. However, sticking to the topic, following are the changes that it has brought in my personal life.
Being a student of university, it badly affected my education. As educational institutions in Pakistan had been closed since the spread of the virus in the country, all the students including me, have suffered a great loss educationally. Despite the facility of online classes, I could not learn the same as I would have learned otherwise. Besides this, the exams were also taken online, which posed so much trouble. On top of these issues, were the technical and internet problems which left us but frustrated at many a time.
As a corollary of the closure of educational institutions, the virus affected me in my professional life as well. Being an instructor of English language, I wanted to teach it to students and thus keep my language skills afresh. However, the fate had other plans. Thus, I even struggled to keep my English speaking skills intact, let alone teaching them to students. Though, I tried to engage some students online, the aforementioned problems propelled again and hampered us to a great extent.
Further, the virus has changed my lifestyle and my influenced my opinion about the temporal things. It forced me not to engage in public gatherings and spend time only at home. It taught me to give importance to little things in life which we just consider trivial or take for granted. It also reiterated the ephemeral nature of life, after which, I started giving extra importance to certain seemingly small, but instrumental things. I also started working at home towards my self-development and learnt to observe critically.
Therefore, the Coronavirus has affected me greatly. It has been, on one hand, the symbol of fear, fright, caution and uncertainty of life; while on the other, it has taught some great life lessons and brought in front of our eyes the importance of small things which we would have paid little attention otherwise–in the hustle and bustle of modern life.


2020 has been a difficult year for everybody across the world. The COVID-19 has devastatic effects in every aspects of life.The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities, and thrown into sharp relief the challenges we face as a human family. It causes dramatic loss in our daily life, like, it badly affected the economy, education, health etc. The mortality rate increases rapidly. It has been a challenging era for the whole world to overcome the COVID-19. As we know that, limitation creates opportunity, so covid-19 has also brought a lot of positive potential efforts in every individual. I would explain it explicitly, cogent and straightforward rather go in details.
The Digital literacy rate increases, the world is open for Digital marketing and every person started online learning and earning. For the first time, Pakistani students get used to online classes and E-learning even though, this platform ( may be the result of COVID-19 which provide the learning and discussion in a very unique, motivated & interested way. Pakistan is boosting up it’s position in technology very rapidly due to covid-19. The doctors pay Great attribute to this pandmic and in Sha Allah soon, we will defeat this challenge and will shout out together, “FREE CORONA PAKISTAN!”.


As a student, my life has been affected drastically. Assignments, quizzes and exams which were fruitful for our learning have become something of a joke. The classes which were taken with full-on concentration are now taken with tired, sleepy and bloodshot eyes in the bed. Most of the students, like me, watch the recordings later on while preferring to sleep during the class.
Social media platforms including twitter, facebook and instagram have become a safehaven for people in order to kill boredom.
But, however I rant about the negative impacts of COVID, there are certain positive impacts. Before COVID, my life was just so much busy that I couldn’t even feel the passing of time. I was like a car on a highway, life was becoming a blur around me, I couldn’t see anything except the road, I was pushing forward, but I was tired and needed a break. I had went far apart from my family. COVID gave me time, to slow down, to really think about my life and eventually, get closer to my family. COVID has gifted us, with time.
That is all, that I would like to share. Thank you for the chance!


It effected my mental health drastically (in a bad way obviously) I’m happy that we’re back to our normal routine :pensive:


good Stay Healty dear.!


How has covid 19 affected my life? You should rather be asking how it hasn’t?
Covid has been harsh on me. The lockdown imposed by the government was necessary(they did a pretty good job controlling covid). So, how did it affect me?
Well, first of all, I was pretty happy because of holidays, I thought that we were the luckiest generation of teens to ever exist as we got almost 9 months of holidays, turns out I was wrong. Oof😔.
The online classes were absolutely comical, the teachers had no idea how to teach on zoom.
I literally did not do ANY physical activities, sitting all day long on a chair, taking online classes in the morning and doing assignments in the evening.
My health is an absolute mess right now. I am exercising daily and trying to improve it.
Now the big problem is that I did not study in the COVID lockdown and now my board exams are nearly 3 months away.
Not the luckiest generation now, are we?


As corona virus has turned the world upside down from the last year, it has changed alot in the world. Covid-19 has affected my life in a more negative way rather than positive. Everyone faced alot of difficulties in this pandemic but the most affected thing in my life due to pandemic was my studies.
As we were totally new to the online learning it was nearly impossible to cope up with the studies. We didn’t get to clear our concepts. On the other hand our teachers were also facing difficulties in teaching. And giving online exams was a whole different kind of difficult.


The most disturbing thing Covid has done to us is it has made us more indolent!


For as long as I remember, I have been fond of going out. I have always enjoyed visiting new restaurants, new places, with my friends and family. That, was severely disturbed by COVID-19. I had to stay at home at all times, therefore it was difficult to remain in good contact with my close friends.
Other than that, our exams had also been cancelled, which was great, but admissions had also been delayed. So, for almost an year I had to sit completely idle. I was away from studies, and I had developed an insane laziness. All the doing nothing, left me to overthink. My friends around me were all doing something productive to keep themselves busy, but I couldn’t find the energy or the motivation to do so. It had created an inferiority complex in me, and I hated it.
Now that life is resuming again, I’m feeling better about myself, and I hope it’s the same for everyone else!


Well, covid-19 had been a blessing for me only on one point, it got me into writing again. I was disturbed and anxiety was increasing; then came Allah blessing me with knowledge through Quran.


Immensely. From the loss of loved ones to the utter realization of what a global pandemic means, Covid has affected every single human being in one or the other way. I feel like most of us have forgotten what it was like before Covid, how we used to go about our days indoors and outdoors mask-free. The daily student life or office life was not as difficult as it is now with everything going online and remote. Also, the huge degradation of monthly wages and businesses has affected families so much. I guess there’s not even a single good factor that came out of Covid, it only made our lives worse day by day so there’s no point in saying that it didn’t affect us. Even if it didn’t affect you financially, I’m sure it would have mentally.


First of all COVID-19 affects the life of everyone and affects bussiness,jobs very badly but education is the most important and COVID affects it too much…without education no country gives the best outputs


Yes , COVID 19 has impacted my life, Health . I and my family faced COVID first month Jan 2021 . I am not able to study . I thankful to ALLAH our lives are save .