How much little Things matters?

I just have this calm with people I’m connected with. Sure, we have differences, opposite opinions about everything.
But that magic when you sit with them with a heavy chest and talk about it with them and you see how much they’re interested talking to you and how much they understand your silence, irritations and your confusions. That gives you some strange energy, calmness.

It’s rare to find a soul that will give you the security that it’s okay to be vulnerable, that it’s okay to feel different and strange. It’s just that… it’s calming to have conversations that will make you feel connected to yourself and to the world again.

With them you’ll realize how much little things matters. How simple moments can change your mood and give you back that smile on your lips and there you go, you’re ready to face the universe again. With inspirations, dreams and hope came from people who matched your soul.